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Space Saloon is a design laboratory on the move. We are a collective of architects, artists, and researchers who support students, young professionals, and communities through a non-hierarchical form of making, learning, and knowledge exchange. Our pedagogical projects build communities, promote tolerance, and foster engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge.

Danny Wills is an architectural designer, educator and researcher. His work explores the limitations, histories and biases of tools and the representations they produce.

Gian Maria Socci is an architect, urban designer and educator. His main interest lies at the intersection between architecture and the tangential disciplines of geography, earth sciences and landscape architecture.

Rebecca van Beeck is a scenographer, artist and educator. Her approach links across spatial design, urban and participatory research, stage and costume design, and live and visual art.

“Artists and scientists are both asking questions about the world, they’re just doing it in different ways”
Alex Braidwood
Director, Iowa Lakeside Lab Artists-in-Residence Program
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